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RAM Tab-Tite Spring Loaded Holder for 9.7″ Tablets

Cod produs: RAM-HOL-TAB28U

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The RAM® Tab-Tite™ spring loaded, quick release cradle offers a secure fit with easy access to the mounted tablet. The interchangeable cup ends are designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7, with S Pen and Galaxy Tab S2 9.7. The spring loaded design makes it easy to insert and remove your tablet, along with keeping it secure in mobile applications. The custom end cups are designed to optimize the functionality of your tablet, enabling access to all ports and tablet functions.

Included is a set of four nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any RAM components or mounts that contain the universal AMPs hole pattern.

For off-road environments and extreme use, we recommended the use of a tether to assist in retaining your device. The Tab-Tite™ cradle is compatible with any tablet that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your tablet when determining the overall size.

Cradle Dimensions:

Height: 9″ to 11.75″

Width: 5.5″ to 6.65″

Depth: 0.0″ to 0.315″


Height Range: 9″ – 11.75″

Width Range: 5.5″ – 6.65″

Depth Range: .315″ max

HOLE PATTERN                       4-Hole AMPS: 1.181″ x 1.496″

MATERIALS                              High strength composite

WEIGHT                                    0.55 lbs.

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